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Very proud of my board at the Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation (David Minear,Kath House,Ramsey Andary,Phil Martin,Chris Gebhardt,Kate Abraham & Alex Panas) for working to achieve life changing/saving outcomes for children through directional change in extreme communities , using our “medicine of sport”.
1-We identify communities that need our team
2-We work passionately with the local council and communities hand in hand.
3-We engage and assist in educating the community around our projects.
4-We work with near by schools
5-We deliver free of charge to the children weekly programs all year round into the open space facility in partnership with our fantastic council partners and sporting groups.
6-We are in these facilities for the long haul.
7-And we my board and myself deliver this because we are passionate about this space and the life saving impacts it delivers to the kids which then flows on to the parents and greater community. We all do this for zero $ reward because that’s what giving is about.

Below is a clip that ran in the Ch7 news tonight highlighting our recent venue out north in the City of Playford . The numbers % regarding change in the area are staggering but at this stage I can’t reveal. Thanks for watching and feel free to support our foundation and the upcoming projects, we have so much to do.


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