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What Is The Foundation?

The Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that provides sports facilities and opportunities for extreme disadvantaged communities across Australia. The Foundation wants to ensure that children, regardless of background or circumstance, have the opportunity to enjoy all that sport has to offer.

Who We Try And Help

Our aim is to offer potentially life-saving impacts to children by giving them access to first class sports facilities, coaching and equipment.

Why We Are Helping

Regular participation in sport - at any level - offers ongoing health and life benefits. But even in Australia there are vast pockets of children who are disadvantaged by upbringing and education and unable to take part. We believe sport is a medicine to help children find and reach their goals.


We believe that regardless of circumstances, all children deserve a better, happier and healthier life through the access to sport. Building partnerships and trust with disadvantaged communities and all stakeholders is a must.

Sport can play a wonderful role in the development of young people. Sport promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and develops personal characteristics vital to successful and fulfilling lives, including teamwork, discipline, respect, work ethic and mateship.

The Board

Roger Rasheed

Roger Rasheed is a former professional tennis player and has coached four top 10 male players including Lleyton Hewitt . A well known media commentator also, he set up his Sports Foundation in 2010.

Dr Ali MacDonald

An organisational psychologist with a career across the sports and events industry, construction and remediation as well as consulting. Alistair is an experienced board director and executive and former CEO of Tennis NSW.

Kate Abraham

Kate is the director of an Adelaide food and events business and was previously a PR and events manager. She's also a marathon and ultra marathon runner.

Professor Jegan Krishnan

Jegan is one of the foremost orthopaedic surgeons in the Asia Pacific region and is head of surgery at Lyall McEwin hospital in Adelaide.

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl has more than 10 years experience within orthopaedic administration and is a Beyond Blue speaker and ambassador and Smith Family Mentor. She is currently completing a master of psychology degree.

Michele d’Aloia

A PR and communications specialist and achiever for more than 20 years, Michele runs her own agency in Adelaide and is known for her zest for life

Richard Evans

A sports journalist, Richard has written for Australian and international media for three decades and runs ‘rich thinking’ which helps businesses communicate better across all media.

RRSF Application

This doesn’t have to be overly detailed or complicated so please just give us the facts and the benefits as you see them. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

The Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation

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