It is the race that two teams on the ATP tennis tour have been talking about since the Australian Open this year. Andy Murray’s strength & fitness trainer JEZ GREEN v Grigor Dimitrov’s coach ROGER RASHEED (me).

The banter has been terrific and now we are down to the day before the big race, money has been put down by Andy, Grigor, Jim Courier, Darren Cahill, Dani Vallverdu plus other members of the tour and supporters of my foundation as ALL the proceeds will go to the children in Extreme disadvantaged communities.

Training has been minimal on the track but I feel Team Murray have holes everywhere going into the race- I feel like some of them want me to deliver a mind blowing run so they can have the ammunition on poor Jez for the rest of the year and beyond. They will need to galvanise real soon to create any fear on the day- I am ready.

We will capture all the lead up and the nervous energy from both Andy and Grigor courtesy of the ATP TV guys who will be filming the event for you all to watch. Apart from Wimbledon next Monday this is looking like being the highlight of there week as Andy and Grigor are both hugely pumped and will be the commentators for the event- like kids in a lolly shop they are.

So the time has come to stand up and deliver a crushing blow to Team Murray, i will call on Bruce Macavaney for some Olympic past highlights and great moments to inspire my run and the rest is just what the time clock stops at….. it will be fast.

We will post the result here and on our face book page plus our website and feel free to get involved in the betting, happy to race for you and more importantly the kids. This will be fun – I better start stretching.