The Medicine of Sport Can Save Lives

and give kids access to a better life


Access To A Better Life

by giving them access to sport

Welcome To The Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation

All kids need sport. But some need it more than others. Our Foundation is about making potentially life-saving impacts on children in extreme disadvantaged communities. For them, the risk of taking the wrong path is always present. That is why we believe in the medicine of sport.

“I have seen first-hand the difference sport can make to children – to their lives now and in their future. And that is what this Foundation is all about – giving these kids access to a better life by giving them access to sport ”

Like to help out?

Your donation can help us save a kid’s life through sport.

Our Vision

Regardless of circumstance, all children deserve a better, happier, and healthier life through access to sport.

You Can Help!

Everyone is welcome to join our team. We’re looking for like-minded people and organisations to help us achieve our Vision. Everyone can help: whether you’re an individual prepared to simply donate your time or a corporation willing to donate goods, services, labour or money.

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