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Welcome To The Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation

“All kids need sport but some need it more than others. Our Foundation is about giving children in extreme disadvantaged communities access to a healthier, happier and better life. For them, the risk of taking the wrong path is always present. That is why we believe in the medicine of sport.”

Who We Are

Roger’s Story

Our Vision

Australia today boasts some of the highest living standards anywhere and as an ever more inclusive society, has much to be proud of.

But equality of opportunity for everyone is still lacking. Across many swathes of Australia there are extreme disadvantaged communities hidden away from most people. They can be in urban, rural or outback communities or even on your doorstep – and they’re real.

The Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation is about making a positive difference to children in such areas and helping them to a better life through access to sport.

Our methods are simple. We target run-down tennis courts, empty community or church halls, a basketball court, football oval, bike path or skate ramp. Anywhere sport can be played. And then we get to work.

Access to sport is only the beginning. Once a construction or renovation is complete, we bring in ongoing training programs in many sports for local children. We also introduce and use our elite team of ambassadors – achievers who want to give back – as trainers and mentors for the children.

And once a project is set to go, we’ll move onto the next one. Access for everyone, everywhere, as soon as we can.

You Can Help

Everyone is welcome to join our team. We’re looking for like-minded people and organisations to help us achieve our vision. Whether you’re an individual prepared to simply donate your time or a corporation willing to donate goods, services or money.

Get Involved

Whether you have a project you’d like us to consider or would like to help out as a volunteer or sponsor, please get in touch. And if you know of a project that you feel could benefit from our involvement, please apply and we’ll get back to you shortly.


The Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation

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This doesn’t have to be overly detailed or complicated so please just give us the facts and the benefits as you see them. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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The Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation

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